Gluten Free and Good, could it BE? Yes, Yes, Yes and Thank you I’ll have another. Spending one fine evening beer tasting this woman sitting next to me suggested it be my next one. I shook my head ‘No’, but she assured me it was worth a $6 pint. It WAS and so much more. I can’t lie I was so consumed with the sheer magnificence of this beer…I didn’t take a single note on it! But if you click on the pick above it will take you to Epic Brewing where there are more details. Epic is a fantastic Brewery!

It was light golden-colored, with citrus and piney notes. A hint of lemon and dry finish. Very drinkable and well-balanced. That’s it, I promise it’s worth the try!

In case you were wondering what a Beer review is doing on a Dating, Love, Romance, etc. site. I LOVE BEER!



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