DOES SHE LOVE ME? (Five ways to know)

The timeless question for lovers.

MEN AND WOMEN alike have pondered over this question during happy hours, bowling, girls/guys night out.

After a few months or years how do you know she loves you? The simple wise-guy answer, if she’s still with you. But if your like me, you need more tangible signs! I’ve  searched the web far and wide, and peppered with my own DOGMA is a list of signs to tell if she loves you!

Enjoy it, don’t take it too serious. Love should be fun!


1. She does things that she knows you like, but she dislikes HERSELF.

My girlfriend really doesn’t enjoy Fantasy or Sci-fiction movies which happen to be my favorite.  She likes her programming more on the ethereal-side. You know silent films and movies about cave art. I’m not so refined. But she went with me to see X-men and Inception at her suggestion. Sometimes saying I love you is the action. “Love is a verb, not an adjective!”

2. She caters, No Compromises!

A relationship is a series of negotiations. Not all joyful. But when you love a person. Enabling the balance and give/take is ideal for success. If you want pizza and she wants Chinese, order both and call it a Chinese Buffet on your living room floor with candles.

Now that’s compromise, and COMPROMISE = LOVE!

3. Unbridled Touching

If she grabs your arm while crossing the street or holds your hand on the subway. Rubs your ears during dinner. Basically a touch just because, not in response.

4. Her Mother Loves You

I’ve read and experienced over and over again; a mother’s intuition never lies. Women that have been bad for me, my mother always confided afterwards –I didn’t like her and she wasn’t for you, to my response, “why didn’t you tell me.  But some lessons have to be experienced.

If her mother loves you it is a sign that she really loves you. She probably talks about you often and her Mom can see how you make her feel. Mother’s approval = SCORE!


Trust is the most important thing in any relationship let alone sure sign of love. According to my girlfriend, woman are always cruising me and she never gets jealous. She actually seems to enjoy it. She knows that I’m not going to run off with the first, next or last pretty girl who smiles my way. When you can receive attention and your girlfriend not freak-out = SHE LOVES YOU!

Finally, If your snowed in together for four days at your pregnant friends’ house with no TV, Beer, or wine and somehow your able to keep her smiling, well that’s LOVE…

Or something like that!

Ciao – P.k.


3 responses to “DOES SHE LOVE ME? (Five ways to know)

  1. Just thought I should give you thanks for your effort. Great title DOES SHE LOVE ME? (Five ways to know) SHELOVESHER..and other thoughts on loving women too.

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