Lamentations #1 – The Ex-Remix and Women are to Dogs as Men are to Cats.

IMG_20130418_161540 (1)

“People are always trying to find their way back, looking for a heart to store their emotional mess”

This is from a text I sent earlier today.


Why do all cheating ex’s want back in?

Question 2:

Why do we let them back in?

The other day, my friend was telling me a story of him and his wife on a road trip with another couple. Topic of conversation: How women are like dogs and men are like cats in relationships.

Now, stop, breath and just read before you react. Initially  I was like..WTH, but I remembered that my friend has a very provocative personality so when words usually leave his mouth, prepare to be offended on some level.

Not intentionally, because he’s a great man and his hypothesis actually left me ‘wagging my tail, i. e., nodding my head in agreement.

Why do we women let the cheating ex back in, why do we forgive?

Because like a dog, women will allow and want to be leashed. I know I almost fell out my chair! But, consider we spend our entire life trying to belong (be married) to someone. Do men do this? Like a cat, they can’t and are never willingly leashed.

You beat or discipline a dog, it will come back to you hours later like it never happened. Ready to receive, needing your love. Men and cats require a deep investment of time to earn their trust. And if you break his trust he never really forgives you and you definitely have to earn it back. Women are always ready and willing to forgive because we don’t want to lose that connection.

Show a dog a little affection and give it some food, i.e. show a women the same and she’s yours for life. A cat could be starving on your porch and will not eat the food until you’ve gone back into the house. Not easy to trust or submit, calculating the pros and done of their submission. Men obviously don’t calculate sexual submission as deeply as women. But sex doesn’t bind  men, the same as women.

Now this is a brief simplistic analogy, and surely I left a ton of boxes open…be sure to fill them in, in the comment section. The only real instruction: Think before you act, think about your needs and consider your heart first.

Fight the urge to belong to someone or thing. Fight the desire to fill your hole. Be a cautious and capricious cat.

That’s it!



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