Diary moment – You, 31 flavors, and invisible boxes

ice cream post

So I admit and apologize this post will feel like a stream of consciousness rant.

But, don’t they all. It’s 2:59 am and I’m up might as well be productive.

Today, I had the most interesting conversation about sexuality.

I already mentioned in an earlier post that all people over 30 constantly talk about is sex: the sex they are currently having, the sex they secretly want, and other people’s sex.

It’s sorta like we are doomed to destroy ourselves endlessly pontificating over unknowns. Constantly forcing people into other boxes because they don’t fit into ours.

That is the point of this entire rant/post.

I will begin with this statement:

I am a lesbian.

I like that word, it’s clean, it’s clear and I don’t feel marginalized, restricted, boxed in or any other neo-LGBTQIS millennial, polyamorous – type – MIGHT say or think.

Now that I have described myself in this way; I am NOT placing you in a box, I’M not in a box.

To borrow from the movie Matrix there is no box.

The box is you or your need to have others on board with your ride – whatever ‘that’ maybe at the moment – the L, G, B, T, Q, I, (S) – heterosexual or straight ‘whatever word makes you feel good’.

Sounds like a transit center?

It is.

Catch whatever train you feel like, but don’t box me in because I like the L line, and the monogamy line.

Don’t label me – closed, limited, restricted. Or let’s try another way ‘they’ phrase it…

“I just want you to have an open experience, be open”

You ever notice that when people want something from you, it’s no longer about what they want, but somehow becomes a conversation about your “limited” openness

::shakes head::

Any who, if you missed it, if you are a participant  standing on the ‘openness’ soap box – then you are a violator of the ‘invisible box’ the one you claim to be placed in.

By judging my invisible box, your placing me in a the ‘invisible box’. Thus creating the argument if I’m in a box, then you must be in a box…when as I said there is no box.

In the conversation that prompted this rant – I stated, if you love all 31 flavors – have an ice cream buffet party. I’m going to enjoy my pistachio and that’s fine too.

Yes, by describing the 31 flavor lover as a buffet party that is my implied judgement – guilty. 

I said, I don’t place people in boxes, but I do have an opinion.

Most importantly – there is no box, we don’t have to ride the same train and there is room for everybody. Just make sure you have the right co-captain!

That’s it!




2 responses to “Diary moment – You, 31 flavors, and invisible boxes

  1. What a interesting spin on the sexual choice and fluidity. I love it and it’s a little entertaining antidote on sexual prefrence !

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