Diary Moment – What car should I be driving


“Everything I’ve acquired in life, I’ve gotten through my anger” –

Part of a conversation I had this morning.

My response: ‘Love is anger. Anger is the energy, aggression and sometimes action of love (violence). Change your perception, everything you’ve gotten in life, you received was due to LOVE’

I never get tired of talking about LOVE. It’s the only meaningful subject that ties us together. It’s the seam in our lives. It guides all our actions and thoughts.

Yes, I really believe that.

What I also know is that we are incredibly clouded by the questions, by our current answers and mostly people.

THESE PEOPLE ARE  assisting, propelling and interrupting our individual lives in some way. Interruptions are sometimes road blocks, some are catalysts.

The conversation I had this morning was the catalyst for this unplanned post and My question for the day:

What car should I be driving?

Are you wondering  what this has to do with the previous 100 characters?

The statement above: “Everything I’ve acquired in life, I’ve gotten through my anger”

Is a vehicle, an emotional vehicle, i.e. a car. That person was driving the anger car.

Through conversation, I believe they are now driving the discovery car. Discerning what emotional car you’re driving is the path to clarity. I believe this and Buddhism implies we are all a little cloudy unless you’ve achieved nirvana. In which case you would not be reading this blog!

Helping my friend discover their car, also helped me begin to look at my own car.

And, I realize that I have no idea what car I’m driving.

I want something…

There are places I need to be…

There are things I am destined to do but I don’t know what car I should be driving.

This is my question, it’s like a dream that I can’t awake from…

Sometimes I make a choice, I’m in a car but it’s not the right one, it never seems to be the right one.

Is there a right car, wrong car, or should we concentrate on moving. Moving, toward what?

What car are you driving?

That’s it!



2 responses to “Diary Moment – What car should I be driving

  1. No car is ever perfect. Sometimes we have to leave it on the side of the road for various reasons (stalled, problems, or even it’s too good for us). I think the focus is to move, take rest stops and enjoy the scenic view this incarnation is offering. :::honks horn:::

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