Train Journal #20 – I am human, PAY IT FORWARD

Pay It Fwd

Not a very sexy title, well this is not a SEXY post. It’s a true heart post. It’s more of a walking journal entry than a train journal.

I was stopped on the street by a homeless man last weekend…

Actually, now that I think about maybe he wasn’t homeless but transient for specific reasons anyway I digress. The following is my

It all started while walking to the train, when I was stopped by a man who was asking for change for food. I slowed contemplating opening my wallet, but remembered I had lost change in my bag. When I gave him the change I looked directly in his eyes, accidentally because making direct eye contact usually starts a conversation, I don’t necessarily want.

But when I looked into this mans’ eyes it was like looking at myself. His warmth, genuine and kind spirit poured out. His palm was warm, and I believe when you touch a person’s palm you are touching a deeper part of that person. You receive a little bit of their energy.

His energy was clear. It moved me. I was him in that second and he was me.

It brought tears to my eyes, and as I walked away he blessed me.

Immediately after I entered a mall entrance that leads to the train station. The light, the noise, the gratuitous spending made me dizzy after encountering the man. I walked toward the denim section (jeans) and began to look for my size. I found it quickly, got in line and was disgusted with myself. How could I consider buying anything after that experience?

I put the jeans down and left the store. How did I end up in line? I think we are so eager to leave any experience that challenges our beliefs, values and such. It’s uncomfortable. Looking into a homeless man and feeling like that could be you, is uncomfortable. Instead of preserving the experience, sharing and learning from it, my knee jerk reaction was to erase it.

While waiting on the platform I began to write, I wanted to share this unplanned reminder of my humanity, I am Human. We are all the same and need the same basic things.

Thread that binds us is our humanity. Our ability to see ourselves in others.

That’s it!


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