Love is the mythical UNICORN in the forest

One of my good friends ended a conversation with this statement:


I considered the depth of this statement. It was a joke, sorta. But there was real feelings and experience behind it.

The conversation ended with this agreement: LOVE = Chasing and maintaining our myths about happiness. We chase these ideas because we don’t want to shatter our boxes (expectations, hopes, dreams, and the lies we tell ourselves).

When you are in love, you are chasing.


You may disagree, but consider the following:

1. You chase your idea of what you think love is.

2. You chase to keep up or change what you presently have.

3. You chase the idea of who you are.

We all have our ideas about love, we think our ideas are original. They really aren’t. All ideas are slightly informed by others, TV, parents, role models, and life.

What we actually end up with is something completely different.

How many couples do you know live happily ever after with the nuclear family?

The nuclear family is no longer even the norm, considering the LGBTQI populations as well.

So what is LOVE then?

A unicorn.

In the forest of life, love, and experience.

You see little bits of it in people, but never the actual myth that lives in our minds.

That’s it!



I know you have something to say!

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