Tuesdays Tip: Release your peace and Release YOUR peace

Listen to TODAYS post HERE 11.27.12

Release your peace and you RELEASE YOUR PEACE.

I was on a phone conversation when the little rhyme above popped into my head.

As I recited it over again to make sure it was clear, it became clear.

Are you familiar with the expression…

“No one can make you angry, you allow yourself to become angry”

Releasing your peace falls into the same family.

Your peace, happiness, grace and solitude are all gifts of compassion. I think when we become angry; we instantly focus on apologizing or what we may have done. But in actuality the damage done is directed at yourself, i.e., you have released your peace by allowing anger and confusion to enter your spirit.

By releasing this peace you abandon happiness.


And remember Releasing your PEACE, releases YOUR Peace.

That’s it!


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