Train Journal #14 – SANDY, darkness and no heat will…



Hello SLHers

The last time we spoke was before Sandy. I will be the first to say, I under estimated her.

The winds, the rain, the flooding really had no idea it would be THIS serious.

Me and my roommates were watching an episode of HOARDERS: legs crossed fully invested waiting for the pivotal moment when they throw all the ‘hoarders’ stuff out and the tears start rolling.

Then a load …swoosh…and DARKNESS.

At first, we laughed and thought: ADULT VACATION, YES!

We were singing CAMP SONGS, had a ‘cook all your food’ before it goes bad party.

Lit the candles and hunkered down: NIGHT 1.

The next morning when our cell phones didn’t work and we realized the heat was off as became a little less fun.

We ventured outside and everyone was on the street, soaking up the sun, looking for a place to buy food and supplies.

We were all unprepared.

We went to a corner Bodega and was greeted by the armed store owner and his entire family guarding their store. “Two at a time”, so we watched and waited as customers entered a dark store, two at a time.

“This is REAL”, my girlfriend said. “Hell YEAH”, I agreed.

As we walked down the street back to our house, the air was heavy with tension. Cars were honking at each other as frustrated drivers sped through stops signs and ignored the rules of traffic because there were no street lights.

People were traveling in groups resembling packs: staring, plotting, figuring out their next move. We all understood that when the sun went down it would be twelve hours of darkness until the sun came up again.

Five days later the power came on:

By then I fled to New York via Ferry.
I quickly realized 72hrs was my limit. I became snappy, irritable and sullen.

I heard a woman was almost assaulted while entering her dark apartment on a street without power. Thankfully her neighbor heard her scream and scared the perv away.

Shoprite became an informal refugee camp where people were glued to available outlets charging their devices and attempting to get cell service.

Lines were wrapped around corners as people bought the only available hot coffee.

After three evenings of darkness and silence we realized how wed we ware to our devices and gadgets. Also that these outside attachments and devices defined us.

I don’t personally have any heroic stories or acts. We were actually really, really lucky. Many people are still in the dark, cold, homeless or mourning the loss of someone.

The only real journey I have is the one my mind went through in the complete cold and darkness after the sunset.

I hope you are reading this post because it means you have power and things are getting better slowly. If you go to a store or bar and they accept donations for Hurricane relief efforts…give them some money.

That’s it!


Note: Train journals is literally that, my morning thoughts before I start my day. The post maybe grammatically incorrect, and literally not make any sense but it’s a free-writing zone and the only time I don’t edit myself on this blog. The posts are to be taken… however it feels for you.  If you happen to derive some useful information, rock on!


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