Train Journal #13 – Yup on a Friday…Feelings will keep your pockets empty.

Feelings are very powerful ‘things’.

Not profound, I know but exactly where I am. I’ve had a pretty crappy work week. In retrospect, it was my feelings that made it crappy.

Emotionalizing, personalizing, expectations and aligning my own ego with tangential work Bullshit!

Yep, we are human.

We can’t turn our feelings off, but we can certainly say the following:

F-this shish

It’s not that serious

Get the money

Keep it moving

We have to know when to say this to ourselves and move on.

I used to watch ‘Making the Band’ back in the day.

I think Sean Combs  is a bright and interesting character. He said something on one episode that I have never forgotten. There was a contestant distressed by something a band member had done and taking it very personal. So personal that she was about to get herself kicked off the show. Here it is, the little piece of advice that I have carried in my subconscious and like a brick on the head the TRUTH rings loudly for me on a Friday..the last day of a $hitty week.



Enjoy your Friday and Bring that little message with you into work on Monday morning.


Note: Train journals is literally that, my morning thoughts before I start my day. The post maybe grammatically incorrect, and literally not make any sense but it’s a free-writing zone and the only time I don’t edit myself on this blog. The posts are to be taken… however it feels for you.  If you happen to derive some useful information, rock on!


I know you have something to say!

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