Commonsense Thursday – Know your worth!

What are you worth? What is your estimated value?

This list or number doesn’t have to be shared with anyone, it’s only value is to you.

If you know your value, then you determine how you are treated by the outside world.

The level of respect you receive is determined by your self-worth. 

SELF-WORTH, that’s what we are really talking about. Many of us don’t know our value.

How would I know this?

Take a moment to think about the worse experiences of your life.

I believe they can be directly correlated with your self-worth at the time.

Do you ever find yourself asking: HOW DID I LET THIS HAPPEN?

This is an example of a self-worth: FAIL

I believe there are times when our judgement fails us, or we fail to listen to our own judgement?? You decide.

These moments aren’t character defining/revealing or they could be, again you decide?

What these moments can be?

Reminders to do better for ourselves. 

The point of this little rant, KNOW YOUR WORTH.

You’re invaluable, but NO ONE will know unless you DO!

That’s it!



I know you have something to say!

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