Tuesday Tip: Stop Talking on Eggshells

Simply stated the truth hurts, feels good, is necessary and should always be spoken.

Anyone that knows me will tell you: I can’t stand a word hustler. You know this guy or girl, always talking in circles, indirect, and usually dishonest in someway.

I’m not perfect or excluded: I’ve used the eggshell speak myself. In the end realized it’s a disservice to you and your friendships/relationships.


Because people also seem to think directness connotes harshness, it doesn’t and that’s just called being an a##

We all talk on eggshells, because we are perhaps scared of the reactions from the listener or our own truths.

But once the truth is finally free, it’s freeing.

STOP talking on EGGSHELLS! Besides how can you ever get what you want if you don’t say it!

Disclaimer: I did not make-up that phrase but thought it was clever, author unknown!

That’s it!



I know you have something to say!

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