Train Journal #11 – I don’t know CRAP about love

I was sitting at my desk (on Thursday, Sept 20), not on a train when I had this epiphany:

I don’t know ‘crap’ about Love. 

And neither do you, or the rest of the blogosphere that claims to.  You should probably stop reading this blog if your waiting for some magic formula or think that I could possibly have the answer.

You know what I do know: TWO PEOPLE DECIDE TO COMMIT AND FIGURE THE S**T OUT, as they go along. 

Nothings’ perfect, actually if you think there is a perfect relationship, perfect love, perfect experience..then stay single: FOREVER.

Because there isn’t.

There are two free spirits, at-will choosing to go on the most awesome ride of their lives together.

It will hurt, it will be confusing, it will be a lot of EFFFF-UP shish that I can’t even begin to explain.

But at the end of the day and end of the night, if you love him/her and can’t imagine life without the person get on the dang horse and ride IT till it dies or you or etc.

That is the only thing I know about love. If you are in love, here is my tip:

Good the Fuck, The Luck. (that is not a typo)

That’s it!


Note: Train journals is literally that, my morning thoughts before I start my day. The post maybe grammatically incorrect, and literally not make any sense but it’s a free-writing zone and the only time I don’t edit myself on this blog. The posts are to be taken… however it feels for you.  If you happen to derive some useful information, rock on!


3 responses to “Train Journal #11 – I don’t know CRAP about love

  1. Well.. OK then.. I’m laughing at my desk, but I agree with you! Looking for that perfect relationship is like looking for a mythical unicorn. IT DOESN’T EXIST! I think this post hits it on the head. No one knows everything about relationships.. all they can tell you is how to communicate better to get along better to live better to make the relationship better, but nothing is guaranteed. And you’re right… if you love a person and is willing to work it out AND the good is better than the bad….. too many variables.
    Sometimes it’s better to just enjoy your own skin…


    • Saffiyyah, you have a point at the end which is a hard and a
      valid truth..sometimes folks can only stand the skin their in! humm post idea 🙂 thanks for chiming in! SLH

  2. Back of every mushy love song, behind every magical movie moment about, It, there stands “perfect love”, before Titanic and after Romeo & Juliet, beyond the loss of will and the jading of Will and Jada, there It is this thing, this It that makes the struggles, the pain, the heartache, the hurt, the agony, the anger, the tears, the loss, the profound sadness… worth it. Why else would we simple beings dare to try, try, and try again? Because we all know there exists an It and we know that It lives within deep deep deep fiber of who we are and ever hope to be; that we are love, we are one, we are best in unity. And in our short span of time breathing we hope to share breath with another who knows, It, our oneness in a way that is bigger than the two bodies, It can makes two bodies create a cacophony of harmony. It plugs them in to the One, together, stronger, than any other can ever do. When those two meet they know It instantly regardless of how they choose to stage the play of their lives from that point on. They know. Even if they deny it, sometimes, It makes you crazy, sometimes It seems too messy, but It knows. Ask the rare and few whom have found It. Usually they aren’t available for some reason and time passes and life happens and then there they are, sometimes decades later, finally ready for the It they saw so long ago. It is great comfort to see that It exists even if it takes a lifetime to do something about It. Even if one never does something about It, just knowing It exists is enough to propel us through life and into death with a calmness and a peace that comes from the confirmation of not being alone, of being One, of being God. This was a long response. But I believe in It, passionately.

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