Commonsense Thursday – There is NO BOX

Admittedly, this Buddhist quote below isn’t commonsense or something most would think about. But I found it profound. The simplest commonsense message in this wisdom: Think outside the box. Life is outside the box, Love is outside the box.

There is no BOX. 

“Where, for instance, is the identity of myself? There’s a special quality that makes me different from everything else and also from all other selves. And I want that identity, my own self, to continue. So where does that identity dwell?” “Where indeed?” asked the Buddha. “That self to which you cling is in constant change. Years ago you were a baby, then a youth, and now a man. Which is your true selfthat of yesterday, that of today, or that of tomorrow which you so long to preserve?” “I see I have misunderstood things,” replied Kutadanta slowly, “and although I find it hard to endure the light, the truth now dawns on me that there is no separate and enduring self. I will take my refuge in your teaching and find that which is continuing and everlasting in the truth.”

– Majjhima Nikaya


One response to “Commonsense Thursday – There is NO BOX

  1. And once your remove the box altogether life is easier. Freer. You realize that you aren’t bound by conventions, and the only limitation is the limitations your mind seeks to create. Live on Livers.

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