Sorry, I tricked you a little with the title. It’s a little trigger for your imagination and heart.

I mean seriously if anyone had the answer to that question most bloggers, magazines and therapists would be out of business!

This post is the FIRST ever ANTI-POST. A series of questions discussing ideas about love i.e., what we believe, feel and have/are experiencing.

When I first started writing this post I was emotionally influenced by the confluence of questions, ideas and opinions that have flowed my way.

The range goes from blissfully single to should I get a divorce. That’s a dramatic range, but there is a lot of energy present in the universe about relationships in the upcoming weeks. Astrologers call it  Venus square Mars transit. (Click on for more Info) Short synopsis follows.

When transiting Venus is square your natal Mars: Satisfying your sexual need and your need for companionship and love is challenging now. If you become attracted to someone during this period, it is likely to be only physical attraction and not much more. If you are in a loving relationship, you may feel like the sex is not good enough. This creates tension that can blow over into a full-scale argument. You may be overly competitive in social situations. Doing or saying something on impulse and then regretting it later is common. It is wise to use this energy for creative pursuits instead.

In my attempt to discover a clear topic to write about, I decided upon the ANTI-POST.

Instead of writing my answers to the following questions: I would like to know what you think.

Yes, this could be my lazy way to not write today.

But, it’s truly based on my desire to know what you think and design a post with our collective thoughts, opinions, experiences and ideas. That seems more interesting!

The following questions come to mind. Please feel free to answer anonymously and please participate..PLEASE..with sugar on top!

What are you looking for in regards to love? What are your expectations?

What do you want from love? Do you know?

Would you know what LOVE looked like if you found it?

Do you know how to love?

Do you understand or know what it takes to nurture love?

Soul mate: Does that make you think of a TV show or your current partner?

How would you know if someone was your soul mate?

If this person is your soul mate, does that mean you will stay together?

Should you stay with your current partner if there are differences? What differences really matter?

Every relationship has challenges: Yes/NO?

Should the  knowledge of these challenges be the standard for evaluating the  relationship?

How do you define: RIGHT?

Is ‘RIGHTNESS’ based on emotional connection? Shared love of activities/events? Stimulation of mind, body, bother, neither?

Today’s post is the anti-post!

I await your responses to the questions.  I intent to collect them respost as a response to the title of this post! There is no time limit. If all you get from this post is fodder for personal thought, that’s fine as well.

Please feel free to respond anonymously.

That’s it!



I know you have something to say!

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