Monday Train Journal #9, Is fame an END to success?

Is fame an end to success?

Today on my commute I was imagining the day when some of my aspirations/dreams would be actualized.

What it would feel like and how different life would be?

These thoughts made me feel great and filled my spirit enough to coast me through another mundane Monday.

Funny enough as visualized these goals being fulfilled, they all seem to end with some sort of accolades or fame.

An interview with OPRAH
The Cover of a Magazine
Being stopped on the streets by adoring fans
Quoted in weekly or monthly periodicals

I know, I know and I hate to admit it, but that’s what I thought about.

I begin to question myself:

Does success always end with fame?

Maybe I should rephrase the question:

Is fame the mark of true success?

Very quickly, I imagine many of you feverishly shaking your heads NO.


Probably for the same reasons I contemplated admitting the above and writing this post.

Fear of being perceived as shallow, without depth and being judged.

But, I suspect secretly WE all want, would appreciate and could use a little fame every now and then?

Not a lot, because I think it could make you crazy.

Wouldn’t it feel great to be an inspiration for ‘something’ you did?

For example, Sean Combs (P. Diddy) success and subsequent fame have inspired me.

I only know what’s in public record, but he seems a man to me that didn’t use a ‘traditional route, he didn’t finish college, he didn’t come from a perfect home, etc. etc. But what is clear he had a desire to ‘have everything he wanted’ and never stopped working toward it.

I’m inspired by the personal achievement(s) of a women/men despite of adversity.

The whole ‘protestant work ethic’ part: hard work equals reward, coming from a little and now have a lot.

Are you successful without fame?

How would you know?

You may write a great book, but if no one reads it, how do you know it’s great?

How do you know anything is great unless a large group of people buy-into the vision/dream i.e., fame thus multiplying your GREATNESS!

Do we need the public buy-in? Will we still feel accomplished without?

I will end this Train Journal with the same question I began:

Is fame an ‘end’ to success?

If we don’t have it does that mean we don’t have success?

How would you quantify success without it?

(Okay, that’s three questions!)

That’s it!


Note: Train journals is literally that, my morning thoughts before I start my day. The post maybe grammatically incorrect, and literally not make any sense but it’s a free-writing zone and the only time I don’t edit myself on this blog. The posts are to be taken… however it feels for you.  If you happen to derive some useful information, rock on!


I know you have something to say!

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