GET RID OF SOME STUFF – Commonsense Thursdays’

This post was inspired by a short and delightful article I read recently by Carl Richards, New York Times, You Probably Have Too Much Stuff.

Before reading this article almost a year ago one morning I was searching for some pants to wear to work. I came across what seemed like an endless supply of tan pants. I had at least 4 pair, and I thought to myself:

When did I buy all these ugly pants?

I couldn’t remember why I would buy tan pants in the first place. The next thing I did will be even more suprising…I put them back in my closet.

Why would I hang up and place four pair of tan pants in my closet that I now hated?

Preparation for the urgent need where tan pants would save the day?

It felt to wasteful to throw away pants I had no intention of wearing?

Afraid to let go for some bizarre reason?

All three of these ideas floated through my mind as I stared at the tan pants in my closet.

Then I decided in that instance, I was getting rid of everything I had worn in two years, only two because I’m still a bit paranoid.

I had filled four 30 gallon trash bags with shoes and clothes when I was done. I was happy and slighty disgusted that I felt the need to hold-on to the stuff for so long.

Relieved I dropped the bags into one of those charity donations chutes in a supermarket parking lot.

The point:

Holding on to stuff is exhausting; mental, physical and psychologically.


Clear your mind, house and heart. If your holding on to something. Get rid of it.

That’s it!



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