How Much Does Happiness COST?

That is a picture of what I now consider a very expensive small Americano.

I have one of these everyday while I commute to work. I have searched from cafe to cafe to find the perfect Americano.

At last there she is above.

Not too big or small. What I considered as of last friday a real bang for the buck.

Friday was the end to many things: Summer, the last Friday in August and the end to the best fairly priced Americano to date.

Today I arrived at __________ coffee shop to hear the cashier say:


To my response:

I ordered a small

To which the cashier sadly informed me that prices had gone up. You might be wondering: Up from what?


No, your eyes don’t deceive you. The price has gone up $1.27.

Apparently, they now charge for the type of bean used and the cost to transport that bean.

Yes, I do the coffee places where you can choose from 12-14 beans for a freshly roasted cup of coffee.

It’s my happiness, what more can I say!

I dare ask the question:  What is the cost of happiness for you?

And will you pay for it?

Of course this post isn’t really about a small Americano or maybe it is?

The bigger message is: Do you know what your happiness is?

Not in the Big God, creation and your purpose in life way.

How do you daily receive happiness in your life?

Do you buy it?

Does it come from another person?

From within?

It seem’s now that my happiness begins with $3.27 at 8am in the morning but finishes with so many other wonderful points:

I love myself, friends, pursuing my passion, family, my sanity, and my partner.

There are more but that’s besides the point. Happiness is at the center of you.

Start there and maybe finish with some overpriced coffee.

That’s it!



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