Friday Date Tip with – Jack Kerouac, not really.

YOU’RE A GENIUS ALL THE TIME, Belief and Technique for  Modern Prose! By Jack Kerouac

Everyday I grab a book before I leave the house, today I grabbed this one.

I read a little everyday until I get bored; then I put that one back and grab another.

How do I ever finish a book?

Surprisingly, four years of grad school part-time has taught me:

You don’t ever have to finish a book, unless you want to!

You learn how to figure out what information is important, extract, retain and regurgitate in your own witty fashion.

I’m simplifying.

But that’s what I do. If a book is really interesting, then I’ll finish.

Jack Kerouac inspires me because his prose and poetry go against the grammatical grain. He got to the heart of things. I think I fall into the same genre (if one exists) but, I have spent a lot of time explaining myself and writing to literalist crowds.

I understand why they exist; to make sure ebonics doesn’t become the new fiction and non-fiction.

While struggling to conjugate, use proper prepositions, commas etc, etc.

I lose whatever the hell it was I wanted to say.

I try to stay within the literary rules, because some people can’t read or comprehend without proper grammar in place.

Finally, I get to the point, my tip for tonight :

Write in recollection and amazement for yourself

That comes straight out of Kerouac’s book!

What on earth does this have to do with dating and love?

We spend a lot of time pleasing people i.e., reading for a date tip to please your date. 

We have to spend more time ‘in recollection and amazement of ourselves’.

Your partner, lover or date will always get the GREATEST part of you hopefully, just make sure to give the Best of YOU, to YOU as well.

That’s it!



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