Living with gratitude!


Being happy comes down to two things gratitude and variety according Dr. Halvorson from the Science of  Success blog.

Gratitude can be exchanged so easily for complaints and self-indulgent focus on what you don’t have, what your mother-father can’t/didn’t do, and what your partner isn’t.

I think we can comfortably agree that these are several common complaints.

But why?

Is it because we view lack as a singular experience i.e., it’s only happening to me, poor me?


Are we self-centered, survival focused animals at our core?

I think maybe a bit of both?

By choosing to live with gratitude we can attempt to counter this, I think?

By practicing a state of mindfulness the Art of   ‘Thank You’.

Being grateful that you have a family, instead of ‘I have the responsibilities of a family‘.

Variety is the second thing mentioned in the article.

Variety is the spice of life! We are too familiar that expression!

Variety for me means, pay attention. What does your partner like, interests passions. Do you feed them? Do you care too?

Do something for your partner that ‘they’ would like or appreciate.

Surprise the person, create and cultivate adventure in your relationship.

But DO remain grateful, because while variety is ‘new’ which makes everything exciting. We tend to worship the ‘shiny and new’ in our society.

We also do a lot of coveting.

Remind yourself that everything old, was once ‘new’  staying grateful becomes quite easy.

Excitement and newness wanes. Comments??

Thoughts inspired and influenced by Dr. Heidi Grant Halverson, “How to keep Happiness from Fading”

That’s it!


Wednesdays post: My motto better late than never, but try to be early!


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