NAME 4 Things good things about YOURSELF

Today’s path to continually evolving self-love: Name four good things about yourself.

You might think:

That’s stupid

Maybe it is? The point if you can’t, there lies the problem to your happiness. If you can’t think of four good things about yourself. Why would anyone?

People see the best in us, most of the time. They definitely see what we feel about ourselves.

If you hate yourself: we can see that.

If you think your fat: we can see that.

If you believe that you are unattractive: we can see that.

You get where I’m going.

We create a lot of illusions for ourselves i.e., he’s a jerk, she’s insensitive, he’s too insensitive, he’s a momma’s boy, she’s a daddy’s girl, she’s shallow, he’s not deep enough.

Basically who the f*ck do we think we are.

Look at yourself and name those four things.

Stop focusing on what people aren’t and how it affects you. Dig deep within yourself and find something to love. Find those four things.

That’s it.


Oh, and this idea totally came from the movie Love and Other Drugs  part of my insomnia movie line-up Monday night! 


4 responses to “NAME 4 Things good things about YOURSELF

  1. professional, talented, warm, engaging, funny, and determined – When creating my marketing material I was told to come up with a list of 5 I just decided to add the final one because it works! Good post!

  2. Ooo fun!
    I’m clever (when I bust a ryme,, from the song)
    I’m resourceful!
    I have fun hair (when I want to play with it)
    I’m compassionate!
    I love love LOVE me some LIFE!!!

  3. Let’s see. 1) my moca brown eyez. 2) my ivory white teef 3) my chess and 4th) me. Lol no, but seriously good question. And this’ll help me to assess how i feel about myself at this point.. 1)smart 2) compassionate 3) funny 4)loyal

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