Five DATE ideas for under $10

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It’s Friday and the unofficial/official date night for SheLovesHer!

Dating can be expensive, yes I’m clearly stating the obvious.

But I have made it my personal goal to be as creative as possible while not breaking the bank when it comes to the Lady.

Below are my TOP 5 favorite things to do in NY/DC/MD/CT on a date. The ideas are regional, because this is where I live. But I’m sure you can find equivalent options in your area.

1. The yogurt/gelato date. I LOVE GELATO, especially pistachio. If I was cheater, it would be with a cup of pistachio gelato! My lady happens to love yogurt especially 16 Handles and the flavor of choice this week salted caramel.

2. A Walk in the park. I know your like WTF, but seriously. You will notice couples, animals, and people. People watching is the best free activity . Get on a swing, chase each other. I will stop here because I don’t want to get too corny!

3. FREE NIGHTS at the museum, then do something bad like eat a hot dog from the truck. I know hot dogs are disgusting..blah, blah vegans, vegetarians, food snobs etc.. Then get a falafel instead!

4. Have a picnic in your living room. Make some odd food concoction from your fridge. Purchase a cupcake and the cheapest bottle of wine. You would be surprised how fun cooking together and creating is. Also really spread a blanket, sit on the floor, turn on iTunes old school R&B and go down memory lane together.

5. Grab some coffee or tea, jump on the train and go to the beach or lake. Get your feet wet. (I know that might cost more than ten dollars in some areas, but not in the states I’ve named above, sorry)

The point of this little rag-tag list: BE CREATIVE!



One response to “Five DATE ideas for under $10

  1. First of all I am disappointed that you left NEW JERSEY off the list. Second, many free dates that end with amazing results are fitness/exercise dates. Jogging, Biking, Hiking, Swimming, etc… with your special someone is an awesome way to bond and make healthfulness a priority in your relationship. NEW JERSEY is one of the greatest states in the country for all of the previously mentioned activities. Also, sometimes we over think date night and we should just take that “free date time” and plan to spend it having interesting intimacies in relatively safe and discreet, exciting places.
    That is all.

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