Never Let The Future Disturb You

While sitting at my desk trying to decide what to post for ‘Commonsense’ Thursday, I notice a print-out on my wall from last year that  reads:


I remember the day I typed it and why.

I was trying to appear cryptic to the people in my office therefore causing them to avoid asking me questions. I’m very protective over my 5×6 cubicle dwelling.

For the record it never worked.

I’m interrupted all the time and at work after all!

Back to the post: Never Let the Future Disturb You.

I think this idea could be golden!

I’ve personally invested too much time worrying about the WHEN and WHAT with relationships, careers, friends, EVERYTHING essentially.

This time maybe I will use my own advice.

We aren’t in control of anything. Well maybe somethings like bathroom use and what we eat.

But the BIG picture LIFE stuff  i.e., the nitty-gritty .

Do people still say nitty-gritty, whatever.  

Why worry about the future if you have no control over it?

Am I oversimplifying?

Can we control our destinies?

From my experience, I will say No.

Can you?

If so please send me the pill or powder that makes it so.

If we are truly powerless over the future in the expansive sense; then why let it disturb you.

Engage fully in the present and the future will sort itself out.

It always does regardless of the push/pull that is your LIFE.

Never Let the Future Disturb You?

What do you think?



2 responses to “Never Let The Future Disturb You

  1. I’ve learned that planning for the future and
    Being prepared doesn’t elicit worry. I do what
    I can and am learning to release the rest. Life
    Is too short to miss out in the moment of now worrying about the moment of tommorow. I say find a way to quiet ur mind before you can’t, for real, it is the only way.

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