Habit or Heart: How do you love?

I once dated a woman who believed love was 99% convincing yourself by repeating ‘I love you’ to the person.

The remaining 1% was the emotional part. She wasn’t much of a romantic 🙂

Why am I bringing this up?


Consider when relationships end there is usually mourning period?

How do your usually spend this time?
Recounting the moments and saying: Why me, but I love him, I love her.

I think the healing begins when we stop that record from playing in our minds.

Now you maybe be thinking Bull**** and that I’m oversimplifying.

And I am, I want to know what you think!

To continue, when we/you finally decide to say: FORGET Lover X, I don’t love THIS person or need THIS person, it’s over.

Not magically but you have begun a new recitation, prayer, chant. You begin to cull that romance out of your heart.

Again, this could be an oversimplification. As I stated earlier it’s not my theory but how it was explained.

The more I think about it, it could have some validity.

Or there is the worse way of getting over someone: Replacing your
ex-lover quickly, or ‘breaking the seal’ (having sex with someone new immediately).

For the record that works the least effective and you end up hurting other people.

Back to the QUESTION:

Do you LOVE out of Habit or from the HEART?

The question seems scarier than the answers. Based on my ex’s hypothesis, we love out of habit, and the habit of returning love and loving actions have convinced you of this contrived ‘love’.

What do you think?

I know you have something to say!

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