Tuesday Tip: Do not try to win awards

The following is a quote from Paul Arden’s book, It’s not how good you are, It’s how good you want to Be.


NEARLY everybody likes to win awards.

Awards create glamour and glamour creates income.

But beware.

Awards are judged in committee by consensus of what is known.

In other words, what is in fashion.

But originality can’t be fashionable, because it hasn’t had the approval of the committee (of norms or been standardized)

Do not try to follow fashion.

Be true to your subject and you will be far more likely to create something that is timeless.

That’s where the true art lies.

Meditate, Think about it and let it land.  

What this quote means to me;  life is about service. As long as you serve, you will never work. As long as you serve your passion you will never need to seek awards. In seeking these awards our service becomes work and the architect to some perceived norm vs. being true to _______ (whatever fills that blank for you). Don’t do, give. Don’t work, serve.



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