Commonsense Thursdays

Are you familiar with the expression:

Don’t work hard, work smart!

It’s by far my favorite, I like to consider myself a strategist.

You will never hear me use these expressions ‘grinding it out‘ ‘on the grind‘ or ‘you have to grind to get what you want‘.

First, Grind according to means ‘to work hard. Click on the link  if you want other colorful definitions. has about twenty definitions, two are below:
to rub harshly; grate. To be or become ground.

I’m using the definitions that apply to my statement, there are others that you can use to argue against..I welcome it 🙂
When you think of something being ground, broken down to its tiniest bits. It really isn’t a motivator.
Why would I want to ground something down, i.e. my work, project or task or be ground down myself.
That falls right in line with the working hard and ‘on the grind‘ mantra.
The point of my dribble: WORK SMART, NOT HARD.
Have a plan.
Don’t waste energy or time.
Learn to say no.
Set reasonable goals.
Make these goals quantifiable.
Have Poise.
Charisma doesn’t hurt.
Work smart.
There are many other things you can do to Work Smart. Those are some of the things I do.
No disrespect to others on the ‘grind’, ‘hustle’, whatever works for you!
That’s it!

I know you have something to say!

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