Conflict keeps YOU interesting. Conflict keeps IT interesting.

Conflict in my opinion is a challenge that keeps you sharp.

Unlike Adversity last week’s TIP.

Conflict doesn’t have to be bad or good, consider it a colorful difference of opinion.

A growth opportunity.

Run towards conflict.  There is a lesson to be learned or perhaps something you can teach someone.

If your life doesn’t have any conflict, your probably bored, boredom consumes creativity.

Change that!



3 responses to “TUESDAY’S TIP

  1. This is definitely a post I can agree with. Conflict is the spice of life and though it has at times a negative it doesnt need to be though of as detrimental. We cab observe a healthy form of conflict and debate from our past she loves her post debates.

  2. Oh I don’t know. Not gonna see me running towards conflict. Especially unnecessarily. I find it finds us all in due time. Of course when it does, it needs to be handled and can be a growing healing experience. But until then – I’ll take my harmony extra sweet please! 🙂

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