Train Journal Monday #3

Am I mean?

I am so tired of the it’sSHOWTIME’ kids performing acrobats and magic tricks on the train with the iPod attached to a stereo speaker. Now I can’t hear anything and I’m forced to be entertained.

Is it just me, but that little disclaimer about your motivation for disturbing my peace of mind,i.e, ‘you’re dancing on the train to stay out of trouble’ orthat you could be ‘robbing me’, isn’t really a selling point.

I mean a definite A for creativity but it’s 6pm and while your work day has just began mine has just ended.

I’m on the first leg of my commute home.

I know you need to make your money but I also like the little comfort and air condition that $2.25 gets you at the end of the day.

Then of course the mariachi band is up next on the 1 train from 59th to 125th EXPRESS, no stops. I’m trapped.

Or the homeless guy that lives, eats, sleeps and sh*ts on the bench that is strategically located near your exit at the station.

The Haitian spastic preacher yelling at the WALL Street Guys who are incidentally on the 6 line, you know, near WALL Street, and not on this train.

And God forgive me but all I keep hoping is that this dude doesn’t pass out and cause a delay.

Finally the worst and most flagrant violation of my commute: The GROWN A** man pimping his kids’ smile to sell FRUIT ROLL-UPS, ROLO’s, and other candy I haven’t seen in years.

Excuse me Sir, I’m a grow woman, I don’t eat fruit roll-ups. Try selling something reasonable like water, gum or these…

I hate the train sometimes!

Finally, CHAMBERS Street where the PATH Train is quite and no one is trying to sell or solicit your for anything.

Go JERSEY, yeah I said it!



12 responses to “Train Journal Monday #3

  1. No offense or anything…but are you really ranting about public Transportation. I mean, part of the public aspect is that no one cares about your personal experience,nor should they. Take a cab, get a car, but don’t b**ch about public transport!
    From you friends at the MTA!


    • E-
      That’s rediculous! Shouldn’t we be allowed to have some sense o peace while we commute? I don’t bother anyone… Why are they bothering me? Put all of that energy to something productive, or go hock the tourists, but stay away from my precious commute! Oh, and E- anyonymity is a true sign of cowardliness…you’re two cents are no longer accepted…

      • Lynne,

        Testy about public transportation, heh? Well fret not, there are lots of you mta-complain riders so u will never feel alone. Most who ride public transport expect the public to be present. You however must be special…so special, feel free to keep the two cents as you will need it for the MTA!

  2. It’s funny how some state that they don’t care about your PERSONAL experiences on PUBLIC transportation but yet feel the need to still go forth and COMMENT LOL … anyway, I thought it was pretty funny but it leads me to be ever more grateful for my “mami mobile” which I will be driving until we have to go into Flinstone Mode 😉

  3. Sontaia, you will be proud, I finally feel compelled enough to comment!

    The rant is well warranted! It’s not only about peace and quiet, it’s about the fact that inside the subway car, where you are trapped, is not a forum for pedaling goods, or showing off your skills. The MTA offers people this chance on stations, where you get a fancy banner and all. Where commuters have the chance to walk away, if they don’t like the noise. It does not matter if you want to call it a private or a public experience. It is illegal to solicit money on the train. Stay out of trouble by performing in a public park, or on the platform not inside the train car.

  4. You know… I’m a New Yorker who now hails from Jersey. I’ve ridden trains all my life and I must agree with Sontaia AND with E~.
    1. People should peddle their wares, talent and/or candy someplace else. Especially when I don’t have a choice but to be annoyed by your performance because you have strategically began performing on the A train from 59th to 125th ( no stops). Plus I might not be in the mood as I so often am not for all that darned noise. HOWEVER…
    2. IT IS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! It invites people from all walks I life into it’s realm.. Including me! I do have a choice. I could take a cab, a bus – where the prevalence of such occurances are much, much lower, walk, or (gasp!) buy my own private transportation – a car,stop complaining and move on with my life…

    But really, we gotta take the good with the bad. Where else can you find such an extensive, mainly reliable public system that can get you to almost any point in the city for $2.50 ( I think)?
    You are just gonna have to deal with a few bad apples..:/

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