Train Journal Monday #2

Photography by P.K. Briggs

Dear Lord,

You made this day, it is beautiful, it is perfect, it is great.
WOW, human beings are schizophrenic creatures.

Two weeks ago if someone would have shared this recitation with me, two things might have happened:

a.) I would have walked off


b.) hung up the phone


Sometimes people aren’t in the mood to be helped or inspired.
Sometimes ‘we, I, they’, you’ have to go through it.

No one can show you the light, or their light, you have to see your own light.

My nature is to fix and help. Thus this blog.

But the biggest lesson that life keeps reminding me of is: Let Go, and let people find their own way.

When or if they need your silver-lining sermon – you will be there to give it to them.

In love and light,



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