Train journals #1

Hello SheLovesHer Supporters and Readers. THANK YOU, for  continuing to read and tune-in even when I tune out!

I realize I’m hot like fire with the posts one month and the next…

Like most writers I have moments when I feel incredibly vulnerable and SheLovesHer feels too exposed.

But in my effort to be consistent with you because, I value/love the writer/reader relationship and consider it to be our little online romance!

Therefore I’ve given myself a mandate to be a better partner to YOU!

I want you to read, so I have to write.

It begins with Journal Mondays.

Today and every Monday after will be  a journal entry from my two-hour commute to work via train.

I hope you enjoy and laugh. Or maybe I will provide some mindless Monday distraction at the gig, during lunch or on your commute.

Here we go:

I woke up this morning with a desire in my heart to say Thank you!

I’m reading the book Think and Grow Rich.

The last line I read this morning while commuting to work: ‘DESIRE is the first step to success’

This is really important to me, because the word desire has a bad reputation in my mind.  It’s usually not associated with something as powerful as changing ones life for the better.

Yesterday, I had a long conversation with a friend about desire also, is it coincidence that I ran into this passage today. I don’t believe in coincidence for the record.

Here are three other words that I think are important as well on this journey to self-improvement: determination, perception and the art of saying ‘Thank You” to everything!

I would like to add determination and perception as other essential keys to success.

Perception is reality, I didn’t invent that phrase, but I’m a lifetime subscriber. What you believe about your life good or bad, happy or sad is a matter of perception.

Desire is that burning feeling of wanting ‘something’ turned into belief turned into action – that you should have that thing’.

Determination is that ability to: swing your feet over the bed every morning and get out of bed. No matter the odds, no matter the day before, you keep pushing forward.

This is no different from cultivating love or the ‘love’ in your life.

The desire to create your hearts desire.
The determination to succeed.
And ability to perceive your life as wonderfully abundant from the start to the finish of each day.

The LastBe Thankful for everything. The challenges, the defeats, the unknown. By being abundantly thankful, you are including and manifesting the gifts of your or ‘the’ Love included.

That’s it for the morning train journal!



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