Just because the universe says no..

..doesn’t mean to give up or quit.

I know a lot of single people. Women and Men.

I am not single and somehow because of this fact many friends believe that I don’t remember:

The uncertainty.

The loneliness.

The feeling of being unattractive.

The exasperation from dating.

The negotiating.

Sometimes feeling that you will never meet THE One, and  hopefully, you don’t feel this too much.

The POINT: I didn’t quit when the universe said NO, to those past loves.

I didn’t quit, I kept believing, hoping and sometimes really praying that the ‘one’ was there.

But I didn’t quit.

The universe is never saying NO, it’s saying NOT NOW, NOT YET,


BUT whatever you do, don’t quit. After every false start or even broken heart, you are that much closer to happiness.

Ask yourself:

Am I ready?

Am I still healing from the past?

Do I know what I want?   (The answer to this question is the greatest key to discovering the love for you.)

Today the universe maybe saying not now.

I’m saying don’t QUIT.

-Briggster…who else would it be! 


7 responses to “Just because the universe says no..

  1. Once again Briggster I have to disagree, I know, I know, but it’s the spice of life. I say let things fall apart, be broken, cry, weep, then stop looking for the one. JUST STOP looking. Then get a mirror and fall in love with the reflection. Love yourself the way you think someone else should, love you down! up! dates, dinners, parties, shows, love your health, your wealth, get so wrapped up in loving you and I guarantee, or your money back that you will find the One – You! And someone might get lucky and be able/worthy/ready to be with you. Also, Briggs, I know, I know, coupling still ain’t all that if your more in love with someone outside of yourself, instead of your ownself.
    I know about my grammar.

    • @E, I don’t think your disagreeing with me at all. If you look back a few weeks, the date yourself, love yourself and fall in love with yourself FRI posts completely agree with you! I’m talking about not letting tough and lonely times get you down. Living with the faith that you are loving, lovable and worth being loved. So not to fret if it’s taking a awhile, Rome wasn’t built in a day..or something like that. I totally agree with you, about self-love..that has to come first!

      ~ in light and love Briggster..of course it’s me!

      • I got ya! But what if someone just jumped in? They wouldnt know about last week or so, right. And I’m Fla we agree we often do when you just listen and do as I say! 😉

  2. A little to inspirational for me…
    Sometimes, it’s just a wrap. At least for a while. Just chill and love will find you.

  3. @ Sista T
    #ummdayum, well I feel that as well. Sometimes it is a wrap and I think you know that as well. Love will find or you will find it or it’s already inside waiting for a place to live. I’m a romantic in modern times, admittedly!

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