Wonderful writer and wanted to share! Have a Loving Day!


I was led to look up the word Kismet this morning, driven by this perpetual, maddening, deep craving…

…for a kiss.

Why? Why this hunger? Why this longing? Why this obsession for a kiss?

My mind asks.

My heart says,

Kiss me… kiss me…

Kiss me with the

Kiss of Life…



What is that?

Like a Clue dropped from Heaven, to my Question of the day,

I discover that Kismet is a Turkish word, from the Arabic ‘Qisma’,

meaning Portion and Lot.

I remember holy verses declaring, “God is my Portion.”

I’ve never thought about the meaning of it until now.

God is my… Kismet?

What does that mean?

I then discovered, it is saying,

God is my Inheritance. God is Mine.

And because God is Love…

…Love is my Mine. Love is my Inheritance.

Love is my Portion, and my Lot.

Love is my… Kismet.


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