Don’t Love Scared


I was talking to my co-worker and the last thing I said to her was “Don’t Live Scared”, to her response of ‘that’s very true’.

Instantly I thought, Don’t Love Scared either!

Most of my life I have been appropriately named a sap, hopeless romantic, and a heart on sleeve type.

This never bothered me.

I love freely and openly.

I invite the person I’m with all the way in.

I really don’t know any other way to love. I don’t think there is another alternative.

I don’t love scared. I love like a child in a sense, ‘always assuming the love will be returned’.

Does that sound frightening?

Yes, No, I’m sure your position varies depending on the successes of your past, prior and present relationship.

Don’t let it! Don’t Love Scared.

If the Love isn’t returned it’s OK, well it’s not OK. But you will Move on, continue to Learn and Love again.

Don’t Love Scared. Don’t be afraid to be open. I think, if we choose to love with within limits, WE receive LIMITED love.

It’s Friday, the Beginning of the weekend and also the beginning of the rest of your Love Life.

Love freely, Love like a child…Don’t Love Scared.

Just some more Dogma of Tay!



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