The Rules to success in Love…

Rule #1 – There are no rules to succeeding in love.

Rule #2 – I admit rule #1 is confusing.

Rule #3 – The first step is love yourself.

Rule #4 – Your self love will spread outward, i.e. to the love in your life or attract the love you want.

Rule #5 – Try to say “I” less and incorporate more sentences with the words we, you and for us.

Rule #6 – Love with reckless abandonment, unless it involves reckless abandonment-type behavior i.e. breaking car windows, cleaning toilet bowls with toothbrushes, throwing clothes out windows, hacking folks Facebook accounts, stalking, you get the point.

Rule #7 – Love takes time, a lot of time. Did I say, A LOT OF TIME?

Rule #8 – Patience. No, I mean real patience. The kind that leaves you wondering at times; ‘what is it I’m waiting for’?  Keep waiting it’s worth it!Image

Rule #9 – Don’t cheat. I’m mean: don’t  emotionally or physically give yourself, time or love to another person outside of your relationship. Might seem obvious, but believe it’s not.

Rule #10 – Come up with your own rules! Your relationship can be anything and everything you dream and hope! That’s why I said there are no rules!

Ciao – Sontaia


2 responses to “The Rules to success in Love…

  1. No rules, no exceptions! Defining Love would be to define God and well, locking in definitions of either is not a human strong point. Nice post.

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