Being a human is hard

Yes, I made that piece off crap clip art above the text.

YES , I typed this on my phone and I can promise this post WILL not be error free.

Being a human is hard because you are always subject to opinion. Everyone thinks their votes matter.

They don’t.

Being a human is hard because we know the above and still manage to care.

We are angry because we care.

We care because we are human.

Thus being a human is hard.

Sometimes people are mean, I mention this because it’s true and what we remember. We don’t remember that people are nice most days. It’s hard being a human. But we have no choice. People talk when they should listen and we all think in ‘I’ whether it’s self-deprecating or self-aggrandizing you only know.

PEOPLE don’t do what they say or never wanted to do it anyway. It’s hard being a human.

I repeated that several times, for dramatic inference or to remind you what the point is.

There isn’t a neat bow at the end of this post.

This is the end if you havent figured it out yet.

The point: Life’s hard no one is disagreeing.

BUT sometimes it’s really good.

Imagine there is a really pretty picture *HERE* – End scene.



3 responses to “Being a human is hard

  1. I am in total and complete disagreement. Life can seem hard or easy depending on your perspective. Life itself can’t be hard or easy, it is what it is because of what we put in or don’t. Life is not hard, our choices lead us down a path that may seem hard. Life is not hard, our behaviors can make it seem that way. Life is just life burdening it with your perspective and judgement of hard or easy is you, not life.

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