Passion can be manufactured and is short lived!

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Passion can be manufactured and is short-lived!

Either way, I can see the arms flailing wildly in defense of it 🙂

According to the World English Dictionary there are nine definitions for the word Passion, I will be using #8 for this post.

8. philosophy; a) any state of the mind in which it is affected by

something external,such as perception, desire, etc, as contrasted with

action b) feelings, desires or emotions, as contrasted with reason.

Can your relationship survive without passion?
What happens when you think the passions is gone?

Do I still love this person?
Am I passionate enough for this person?

All these questions flood in out your mind.
They stress and perplex you.

Sometimes you want to end things for fear that the ‘passion’ is gone.

But if you believe what I know, it’s more like the title of the post;

Passion is manufactured and short-lived.

If passion can be manufactured, then it’s never really gone.
Passion wanes.
I think that might be a popular cliché’?

But it’s true in my opinion.

Life wears on us, distracts us, and provides new passion and distractions, daily that captivate our attention.

So, it’s normal when passion appears to be fading. Don’t fear it, welcome it. This usually suggests that you’re at the start of something DEEPER.

The REAL work and REWARDS of love.

Goodbye to the temporary flare-up of emotions that leave you empty when they fade.

This new effort will sustain your love.

Don’t get me wrong, passion is exciting!

But if, in fact we can manufacture this feeling through our date nights, special surprises, and good old’ fashioned attentiveness.

Don’t fear because the passion in your relationship is actually on stand-by waiting for an invitation.

Now to the second part of my statement – Passion is ‘short-lived’.

Yes, it is.

If you look at passion as a flame, then we know all flames go out. They

aren’t eternally burning in the physical sense or you might catch on fire!

Seriously, the coals of passion are always warm, ready and waiting for a spark.

These sparks are the little unexpected things your partner does for you. Moments of sincerity, sexiness and unpredictability.

The things we are very quick to forget about when we are pondering over our seemingly ‘lost’ Passion!

We change and mature, and so should our love.

Passion is like PAC-MAN LOVE (see the post PAC-MAN), it appears in the immature phase of our relationship but as the love grows, so do our ways of expressing and giving love.

Lust and desire can be great but, doesn’t feed our soul. Like mature love.

Relish the passion when it comes and don’t be sad when it’s on stand-by.

Passion is manufactured and always waiting to be sparked!

Ciao~ Sontaia


6 responses to “Passion can be manufactured and is short lived!

  1. Really great post! Quite poignant. I’m gonna marinate on this one. Course, doesn’t this mean that one should allow new passions their course and that long term commitment and or marriage must make room for such? Just thinking…

    • Thanks E! Well that would depend on the relationship and what the parties agreed upon. I was speaking more toward outside passions as distractions and knowing the difference between that and something real, if what you have is real. Having a mature enough love to know that passion is always ignitable and lasting in that sense, or something like that.

      • I think it somewhat arrogant to believe that there is real and non real passion. No offense. Real or imagined if it is true for the person experiencing it then so it is.

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