I know this much is TRUE

I started this day thinking I would write about a song I really, really  like: True by Spandau Ballet

The music is so melodic it makes me think of love. I thought it was some undying love declaration to a another person.

After reviewing the lyrics, I can’t say whether it’s a declaration of love, unrequited love or lost love.

‘TRUE, You know it’s TRUE’ and many other variations of that phrase and word appear in the song too many times to count.

Now I wonder should I have even bothered to analyze this song at all.

TRUE or TRUTH are really good ways to describe love in a sense because, truth is a measuring stick for love. How much truth your relationship has is directly associated with how truthful you are in your moments.

Admittedly, when I first began writing I couldn’t see where this post was headed, but like love, the writer and all life experiences the journey began to unfold for me.

Love like this song, is a word that we attach to immense feelings.

Like words of this song, I attached my own meanings, but then looked at the lyrics and wondered what the heck was saying/singing in the first place to only discover a very different meaning.

Love takes you on the same journey and we are also creating in the process. Perception is reality, this song can forever remain my favorite and I can believe that the artist was saying that his love or the love is TRUE.

Or I can become apart of the journey and decide for myself what it means.

The point of this diatribe, I believe 🙂 We have to be active participants in our happiness. We are not static and neither is our love. Unlike words in a song that on paper carry literal meanings. The artist only knows his/her true meaning, but we are active listeners creating our own experience.

Stay active in the journey.


4 responses to “I know this much is TRUE

  1. As human we are always in constant motion of assigning meaning to everything. Otherwise, this existence would be mundane. I think when it come to the expression of love, there has to be a wave of similar feelings because the alternative are moments of WTF?

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