Love and the Outbox

For the time it takes to write this blog, I will ask you to take a mental trip with me?

If your still reading, suspend your imagination and temporarily consider relationships and emotional health as email communications.

Consider that your INBOX is everything you take in from the world, your friends, lovers, and co-workers.

Then your OUTBOX is everything you release into the world and direct toward other people. That is Hope, Love, Negativity, Aggression, etc.

We live in a world where most of us are pre-occupied with our own unique experiences, our INBOX, and not paying much attention to what we constantly send out, i.e. our OUTBOX.

If the above is true at any moment, then we are wasting a lot of potential in our INBOX.

I have this little dream of changing the world or the way we love and relate to each other. I believe this dream can be achieved by focusing on our OUTBOX. By taking full responsibility of what we release, and assuming ownership of the affect our individual out boxes have on others.

If your still daydreaming with me…we could potential live in a really Amazingly positive world!

Thus the message is simple: clear your outbox and let only your best aspirations for yourself and others shine through.


I know you have something to say!

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