FIVE things you find attractive in a person (Besides Looks)

I will not lie, I totally got this idea from someone. Besides what’s new anyway!

People often say looks don’t matter, let’s prove it. Below are my top FIVE things I find more attractive than looks.

Join the conversation, comment and post yours at the end!

1. SWAGGER! According to Urban Dictionary’s‘ fourth definition, swagger is a demeanor of confidence, coolness, and togetherness. Someone with Swagger gives of an aura of comfort with his/herself. Swagger is commonly referred to as Swag or Swagga. Swagger is not to be confused with cockiness. Cockiness is someone thinking they are the shit, but if you have swagger you probably are the sh#t.

There is nothing more sexy than a woman ‘who is the sh#t’ and doesn’t act like a sh#t!

2. Intelligence, I know that’s a no-brainer for some. But there are people who like their partners a little ‘dim’ Additionally, real intelligence is a person being able to discuss any subject comfortably, without being an expert and the ability to ask questions.

3. Personal style, I love when a person has a ‘style’ not simply a store window mannequin copy, GAP Ad or ripped from the cover of GQ Magazine. They embody that little thing that’s unique to them! This is not a must, but I do appreciate it!

4. Sense of humor, Again no surprises. But I would like to clarify: First having the ability to laugh at YOURSELF. Second, being able to laugh with people without being the center of attention. Very different from laughing at a person. Which we can all do. Finally, if you can be the JOKE, still laugh, and enjoy not being the center of attention: YOU’VE GOT IT!

5. GETTING VULNERABLE, Yes, I said it! We live in world where everyone wants their shell to be HARDER than the next guy or girl. No one wants to get vulnerable or honest. Because vulnerability has that effect on you i.e, honesty.

What are five things that really turn you on? Remember LOOKS not included!  Looking forward to hearing from you!


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2 responses to “FIVE things you find attractive in a person (Besides Looks)

  1. monetarily soluable, i.e. bright financial prospects or enough loot not to need it. someone who knows what a good/great credit score is and is there or working towards it.

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