I am Human

We are all souls having a human experience.

That sounds really esoteric and I hope I didn’t lose too many of you with that first sentence.

I was introduced to the above phrase by Russell Bishop who writes for the Huffington Post blogs on wellness.

Every Monday, I have this practice of reading up on various blogs and articles that are health and wellness related. Call it my ‘what can I do to feed or heal my soul’ moment, from the constant onslaught of negativity from TV, Music, People you name it!

Of course I take responsibility in my openness to the negative message, i.e. we have to be ‘tuned’ to a frequency to hear a message.

I believe that we are each in a daily battle for wellness, forgiveness, and garnering the ability to release that which binds us to negative thought and behavior.

We are all: ‘souls having a human experience’.

This statement resonates with me, because it humanizes, humbles and connects us on all levels.

If we think about the simplicity and depth of those words the challenges we face in our lives from the slightest to the worst offense can be forgiven.

Now, I don’t claim that all can be forgiven with a light tongue. And I am aware that there are some actions, as humans, are unforgivable.

But there goes that word again: humans. As humans we are remarkably passionate, talented, resourceful and FLAWED.

The last is the most important, these Flaw(s) cause us to make poor decisions and hold onto pain like a weapon that we often dish out in various aspects of our lives.

It took awhile, but I have finally arrived at the point of this post 🙂

If we are all souls living/having a human experience then forgiveness of others is possible, and then the forgiveness of oneself is the next natural option.

I have been dialoging with a friend that is reconciling the release (ending) of a relationship.

What I’ve identified as the precipice of most of the angst is the lack of their self-forgiveness. We tend to find a way to reconcile the loss of another person in someway, but reconciling our own mistakes is somehow harder.

I have come to believe it is one of the keys to happiness, this releasing, moving forward and self-forgiveness.

Are you having difficulty forgiving yourself or letting go?

Then think of yourself in the third person and offer yourself the forgiveness you would offer a stranger, friend or ex-partner/lover.

It is the key and I know you can do it, after all you are a ‘soul having a human experience‘ and most deserving of forgiveness.



6 responses to “I am Human

  1. I have to say that all things are forgivable, forgiveness is never for the offender but for the offended starting with self and then continuing externally. Holding on to resentment is like stabbing yourself repeatedly and expecting someone else to bleed. It is useless wasteful energy that takes you from your greatest good. Just an opinion and we know about those right?

  2. So true. That sentence we are “all souls living a human experience” is so key. I think we forget that at times. But if we think about it, it can help us to look at things more objectively and (hopefully) avoid doing something foolish. And this CAN help us to forgive ourselves which is related to our happiness… GREAT post 🙂

    • Mr. Camara, being the synastry expert I appreciate you chiming into the dialogue. Agreed objectivity is the path to forgiveness and clarity!

  3. @ Yes, we all have them 🙂 And we respect them all here. I think we are agreeing Erica. The greatest forgiveness is for the offended in most cases whether you are the recipient or the giver you, the result is you (not literally) being the most offended. If that makes sense. You are gracious and more evolved than I, because I’m not at the point where I can say with a straight face and honest heart that ‘all’ is forgiveable. But I do realize that is the goal and right path to be on. Thank you for your words and time as always!

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