Friday Night Tips for Self and Love, Self-Love!

Happy Friday!

Fridays can be the source of great agitation and stress in my opinion, since it is a widely accepted DATE NIGHT for most people.

If you have a date, you are asking yourself: ‘what do I wear’, ‘what to do’, ‘where do we go’?

If you’re dating multiple people the question is: ‘which person do I go out with tonight’? The answer to that question, is the one you have thought about all week!

If you don’t have a date, you could potentially end up on the ‘compare and despair’ path..don’t do that either!

My first suggestion:

Do some personal inventory, i.e. what have you done for yourself this week? What work have you done on your own personal development. If you have an answer, superb! If not, then maybe you should be treating yourself to some love instead of someone else.

Second Suggestion:

Why not challenge yourself to the ‘ten dollar date’, figure out something clever to do with the one you love or ‘like a lot‘ for ten bucks.

Sounds hard, it kinda is, that’s why it’s a challenge. Suggestions – Redbox, Netflix, a single rose and whatever you have to eat at your house, dust of those candles…sounds pretty good to me!

Last if your feeling like sharing your time with more than your date/partner and/or you don’t want to be alone.

Call five friends and your ‘special one‘ go see AVENGERS! I hear it’s AWESOME,AWESOME, and did I say AWESOME!

Either way, Happy FRIDAY from SHE LOVES HER!

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