Are you the Fortune Teller Date?

Are you a soothsayer or fortune-teller, practicing the pre-cog arts in your dating life?

A pre-cog, if you’ve never seen the Minority Report. Comes from the term pre-cognitive; which is a type of extrasensory perception that would involve the acquisition or effect of future information that cannot be deduced from presently available and normally acquired sense-based information or laws of physics and/or nature. —That was a lot, but it was for the brainy types 🙂

Thus a FORTUNE TELLER DATER is a person, that believes they can predict the success or failure of their dates or dating experiences based on astrology or some otherworldly knowledge outside of actually DATING the person.

HOW do you know if you’re a fortune-teller date?  A few examples are below:

  • You are often heard saying “Are you seeing someone, what’s their sign?” In most cases you respond by shaking your head or waving your finger!
  • You remind people often that you would never date _______sign because your ex was born under that sign and it was a mess!
  •  The most important part of your conversations is narrowing down the exact time and date a person was born.

Of course those could be extreme examples but I’ve heard and experienced all the above.

You might be thinking that experience is the best indicator, and why not use this information if it’s helpful and proven true (in some instances).

Primarily because what’s the fun in dating if you walk into the situation presuming you know everything, and you will also:

  • Take the fun and element of surprise out of dating.
  • Enter the experience with a bias and then spend the entire time trying to prove that this bias is truth.
  • It is a Self-fulfilling prophecy.

The last is the most dangerous and the main point.

If you believe in energy (good and bad) or the idea of  ‘mojo’ then you understand good energy breeds good mojo and bad energy the opposite. Perception can become reality.

While you experience and knowledge are great B.S. buffers for dating. You don’t want to judge a person for being a Taurus, because Taureans are said to be stubborn or Pisceans who are said to be too sensitive.

There is nothing wrong with astrology and it can be fun.  I’m an avid believer in synastry,  (the art of relationship Astrology). The information can be  helpful with understanding yourself and potential personality pitfalls.

The other side of this argument –  is assuming you’re a good match with a person because the astrology says so, especially when your instincts are saying the opposite.

For example, the Pisces and Virgo match is supposedly a good one because they are opposites in the zodiac and opposites attract..RIGHT, not always!

What I have learned is that we are people first informed by our own singular experiences and our astrology signs second. Every Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, etc. are all uniquely different people even if born on the same day.

The conclusion: Have fun with the astrology but leave the rest up to actually  ‘LIVING’ the experience and staying in the moment.



6 responses to “Are you the Fortune Teller Date?

  1. Taia, you know I am guilty of that and I definitely realize that all Virgos, or Taureans are not the same. I think I am getting better with it. But we all know Cancereans are the best. LMBO. 🙂 I am feeling this topic.

  2. The anticipation and excitement is much more fun than the premeditated idea of what would happen.

      • Some of my fondest new date memories would have to be with my wife, at our first date I decided not to over or under dress or be someone else, it was a moment that I chose to be me, all of who I really was and that is whom she fell in love with and married.

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