Did you EVER play so long and hard that your hand would cramp-up?

Did you stand in line at the store after school to play?

You are probably wondering what PAC-MAN has to do with LOVE.

Today I was reminiscing on the idea of  ‘NEW’ love and what it feels like.


Yes, I’ve intentionally used three words beginning with F 🙂

New love also has the essence of bliss and you are excited about the not knowing. Everything is a mystery.

What the future will hold, because the possibilities seem endless.

Then the day arrives when love has to mature, as it should.

Frolic is replaced with expectations, responsibility, deeper commitment and WORK.

The last word: WORK doesn’t inspire the ‘FUN’ feeling in us.

But it is the KEY, CRUX, and GLUE to this entire thing we call LOVE.

Now back to PAC-MAN, LOVE and this article.

Consider PAC-MAN is like the youthful version of love.

The beginning, the childish things we believe or were taught about love.

As you mature, so should your concepts and actions about love.

While playing games are fun, mature love is a much longer and more satisfying journey.

With this awareness we shed our PAC-MAN versions of love for the  richer ADULT version that could last a lifetime. Remember higher stakes, higher gain! Instead of winning a free play or play-date, you could earn a lifetime of love.

Now isn’t that exciting!

Ciao ~


2 responses to “PAC-MAN LOVE

  1. And if you take it from PAC man to the new more intense games like wii you can have fun, mature love and get fit as well. Right?

  2. @Erica, yes consider it graduation as the love matures or graduates to another level so should your modus operandi 🙂 or something like that 🙂

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