Everyday this question is asked in my office at least twenty times.

Doesn’t that seem absurd to you? It does to me!

But it also makes perfect sense.

You might admit that you experience the same thing in your place of work.

We are all constantly waiting for a break, working toward release from whatever binds us daily.

Even the things we enjoy.

What does the question of Lunch have to do with Love/Relationships?  Additionally what does that have to do with this post?


I think when discussing the politics of  “what’s for lunch”, in our conscious or subconscious mind we are asking: What’s going to satisfy me right now?

What food will give instant gratification or temporary satisfaction from that searching feeling inside?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re off from work; lunch is never a discussion? You don’t even think about.

Lunch, a new pair of shoes from Zappos, a blouse on Ideeli, a jacket from Macy’s they are all temporary distractions from the human condition.

Even if you do have a lover, not every waking moment is bliss and joy, neither is it misery.

The point: another person can’t satisfy personal hunger.

This is something that we live with daily.

Lunch just represents a constant reminder of what’s unsettled or reoccurring.

The problem: We often accept instant fixes for questions that need deeper answers.


Well, to state it very simply, it feels better. Even if temporary.

As each day begins, I dread the question and what it represents.

It is a subtle reminder of all our unquenchable appetites for whatever we decide is life, success, love and happiness.

Or consider maybe the question is just simply: What do you want to eat today?


CIAO – P.k.

I know you have something to say!

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