SHELOVESHER..and other thoughts on loving women

I’ll be 100% honest this post is about me, but it’s also about you. You can replace the SHE with a HE in the title.

There comes a point in every relationship when you begin to question the love, the person, their intent and their nature.

When you feel incompatible, used, under-appreciated or simply like a fool. One good friend asked me is success and love compatible. I gave some geriatric answer about working together, sacrifice and intent. The truth is I don’t fu##ing know.

You can be patient and committed, give folks a chance to grow. But the odds are they will always disappoint you because that is our selfish nature, i.e, we want the unrealistic/unattainable.  I’m definitely including myself in this, I am notorious for judging and viewing myself as some sort of girlfriend Demi-God.

But I’m simply not, I’m flawed, terribly. But she seems to love me…

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