Does she love me and why waste time with love?

I’ll be 100% honest this post is about me, but it’s also about you. You can replace the SHE with a HE in the title.

There comes a point in every relationship when you begin to question the love, the person, their intent and their nature.

When you feel incompatible, used, under-appreciated or simply like a fool. One good friend asked me is success and love compatible. I gave some geriatric answer about working together, sacrifice and intent. The truth is I don’t fu##ing know.

You can be patient and committed, give folks a chance to grow. But the odds are they will always disappoint you because that is our selfish nature, i.e, we want the unrealistic/unattainable.  I’m definitely including myself in this, I am notorious for judging and viewing myself as some sort of girlfriend Demi-God.

But I’m simply not, I’m flawed, terribly. But she seems to love me still, I am also lucky, I suppose.

I’m a relationship narcissist.

I do everything right or so I think. I love the right way, support the right way and exercise the right amount of patience.

That is what I tell myself.

This is a lie.

I am just as wrong just as flawed, so are you for thinking this way.

In this prized behavior are our greatest flaws and mistakes.

Our actions should derive from the heart, and not be motivated by a desired response.

But we all do this, we are all imperfect.

Is love and career compatible, Does she love you?

She loves me, the best way she knows how, and I her.

That’s all we have, that’s all we can do.

Nothing is perfect.

We imagine the handsome guy on the train or the musician at school is the man of our dreams. The girl that seems to know you or understand what you need, mysteriously always available, we believe she is a dream, perhaps the real ‘one’.

We believe these mirages are everything our current lover isn’t.

But the truth is perfection doesn’t exist and while we fantasize about the next person, our girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. Is dutifully loving us, in spite of our flaws, selfish ways and behavior. They are loving us the best way they know how.

Abandon your relationship narcissism, your idea of being perfect and your sorry, idiotic lover having to catch up to your perfection. STOP, you are not perfect. No one is we are all doing the best we can.

Our nature is selfish and self-serving and we are all working extra-hard not to give in to it.

She/he loves you and work harder to remember it.



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