I know there maybe some of you who are single and want to click off this page after the first line – Please don’t!

Date night isn’t about another person, it’s about you.

Every other Friday, I take myself on a date. Since I love beer, it’s usually my favorite craft beer pub and my favorite pizzeria afterward.

Sometimes I buy myself flowers, send myself a text that reads: I LOVE YOU, SEXY! You know whatever does it for you.

I know there are some people who think it’s sad or scary being out alone. But, I’ve found it’s actually a lot of fun and if it’s a place you love, you generally meet other great people with similar interests and if your SINGLE (Message: you might meet the ONE!)

More importantly, this is a great way to cultivate self-love and begin visualizing the kind of woman or man you would actually like to share these date nights with in the future.

Another important consideration for dating yourself: You can’t expect someone to do things for you, that you don’t do for yourself. These nights are the beginnings to the dreams and design of our ideal partners.

Those thoughts or visions of this ideal love manifests into positive energy. This energy will begin to attract this person to you.

I dare you, start tonight!

When you leave work, home, wherever go to one of your favorite places, buy yourself some flowers just because.

Make this Friday night, your night!

Friday Night, Date Night or look at it as Radical Self-Love!


P.k. Briggs



2 responses to “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!

  1. Thank you for you engaging, informative material. I believe many of the views you have mentioned in your article are sound and unique. It’s obvious you are a talented writer.

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