Sound simple? But one of the hardest challenges to take. I hear so many stories of people constantly second guessing the little voice in their head or that feeling in their stomach. Our bodies are hardwired to detect trouble, are intuition is a natural warning system. We know when something is good, and good for us. We have to trust that we deserve it and accept. Listen and Act. TRUST YOURSELF

P.k. Briggs



5 responses to “DATING TIP FOR THE DAY

  1. Spectacular advice. Like you said, people second-guess themselves a lot. And then in the end, they regret not listening to their intuition which could have been a potential positive in their life. This goes hand-in-hand with our post from a couple days ago about confidence. 🙂

  2. @shelovesher things can be very deceitful and play tricks with our mind and heart. What we may think is good for us may not be…We only learn through experiences and sometimes we still don’t get it. so can we really trust ourselves?

    • @ Lady M, We have no choice but to trust ourselves. We determine our happiness and the way we are treated. If you have ever been in a relationship that ended badly, don’t you remember before it ended, there was ‘something’ about him/her. But the problem is we aren’t brave enough to act. We are afraid, so many of us live static lives and love lives because we don’t act. So, I don’t believe the question is can we trust ourselves, it’s will we ACT.

      Peace and Love is the journey!

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