A little blast from the past, this message/lesson never get’s old. If your reading this and shaking your head in agreement. Then STOP IT! What is it? Whatever your doing to Sabotage your relationship. They are hard enough without those ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) running around in your head!

SHELOVESHER..and other thoughts on loving women


Are you a victim of your past, I know I am.

All the questions we ask, when there is a miscommunication or disagreement.

Why can’t she/he be like this?
Is the past repeating itself?
Am I being too needy?
Do I care too much?
Does he/she care enough?
What the f**k?!

All questions of the Self-SABOTEUR.

We are all determined to destroy ourselves before the other person does it! We bring out all the old bags, all the guns. Once our red flags fall, defenses go up, the lines of communications become jammed.

We become the SABOTEUR. We flood our minds with fantasy and wild lies to confirm our crazy assumed realities.

If you want to completely destroy your relationship, stop reading and go ahead.

Still here!

People always show you who they are, so stop expecting them to be someone different.


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