How to Write a Sex Scene

Yes, you have read the title of this post correctly.

NOW that I have you attention, I’m going to tell you what this post is really about?

Writing a sex scene of course!

AND now you’re wondering, why I would want you to do this?

Good question!

Let’s begin, today I was online searching for writing classes, and I came across a class entitled, YES,  –  How to write a sex scene.

I thought, that sounds cool, but probably a little X-rated for my site.

Then I begin to analyze the thought and process of writing scenes for a story and how it is comparable to managing and being in a relationship. Since this blog is exclusively dedicated to the love you have, want, or lost..writing a sex scene believe it or not, can help?

But more important, than the actual writing, is the visualization and the mapping of what your ideal partner in an imperfect world looks like. It’s about beginning to see the story of you and this person the first month, year two and God-bless year ten. What does it look like? What do you want? How will you fill the pages of your story?

The work is never done, no matter how much time you have invested.

Once you decide to invest yourself into another person; you have to nurture and grow this investment. We all work very hard at watching our monetary investments and time commitments. As a matter of fact we do this great attention and intention.

Imagine if we exercised that type of detail to our love-life, partners and even platonic relationships.

I think it would be pretty amazing. Visualize what you want, more importantly write it down, write your story all aspects of it, even the sex scenes.

It’s the law of attraction at it’s best, if you visualize something over and over again, it will be attracted to you. More importantly you will BECOME ATTRACTIVE to Happiness.

Finally, I admit it, this post isn’t exactly about writing a sex scene, it’s about something more important –

Writing, visualizing and mapping the happiness you want for your LOVE and LIFE.

Happy Valentines Day!


2 responses to “How to Write a Sex Scene

  1. I concur. You must be the change, the love, the person you want to experience in order to attract that for yourself.

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